Arepa Café begun as a project inspired by the progress and growth of the city of Caracas experienced during the fifth decade of the twentieth century. The oil industry had an international presence in the country and its natural wealth started to be translated in public developments portraying progress and urban planning since the time of Gomez whom was one of the first investors of the nations capital of Venezuela.

Leo Matiz was a legendary Colombian photographer of the time, and had the great opportunity of documenting the life of Caracas during the years of bonanza, and particularly the way people lived during those days, in a city where progress gave an opportunity and changed its citizens for ever. His works shows the beauty and hope in the happening for the new Caracas.

A documentary has been shown at our restaurant on Queen Street West, and in our web site to remember the original inspiration, which gave creative fuel to the project Arepa Café, we are celebrating the second anniversary of Arepa in Toronto.