Celebrating the 5th anniversary of our Venezuelan restaurant on Queen Street West, since 2009.
Arepa café GALLERY is proud to present the exhibit:

MIGRATION, a message of hope and opportunity
by Eduardo Lee and Juan Carlos Leal.


It is an expression of awareness about the current Venezuelan state of exodus; Migration represents the flight of talents searching for a better life in new lands.

The paper plane installation evokes the massive departure of its citizens, and is inspired by quotes from the book “The ingenuity gap” by Thomas Homer Dixon, a Canadian visionary writing about hoe humanity is facing today’s increasingly complex global problems.
Arepa Café opened 5 years ago in November 2009.

The restaurant has provided an opportunity to some Venezuelan immigrants by offering jobs towards building “Canadian experience” and has helped to soften the struggles of adapting to a new life, within a sense of community.

Eduardo J. Lee
Juan Carlos Leal

Photo by Rafael Bastidas